True North

The Receiver, Vincent A. Indeglia, has received and accepted a bid of $620,000, which includes the purchase of the True North boating line. However, any party may still propose an offer to the Receiver for the purchase of the True North, or any of the other boating lines. The True North boating line includes the True North 34, 34 Outbound Express, 38 and 50 models. The sale of the True North brand also includes:

  • Molds, including those in current production and formerly manufactured;
  • Plugs including those in current production and formerly manufactured;
  • All tooling and jigs;
  • Complete engineering including, Sail Plans, Deck Hardware Plans, Adventure Kit Drawings, Profile Drawings and Plans and all Detailed Specifications;
  • Bill of Materials, including all internal manufacturing, parts, molds, carpentry, fiberglass and, all subcontracted materials and supplies; and,
  • Exclusive use of the “True North” name.

Any other offers to purchase the True North boating line must be presented before November 3, 2017 – at which time the Receiver shall proceed with the $620,000 sale. If you would like a full due diligence package or have questions as to making an offer, please contact Ryan J. Lutrario at Indeglia & Associates,

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