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The Receiver is seeking offers to purchase the True North, C&C, PDQ, North Rip and J/Boat lines.

Any and all bidders please contact Ryan J. Lutrario, Esq. rlutrario@indeglialaw.com to request additional information and documents regarding these boating lines.

US Watercraft entered Receivership, a court-supervised process similar to a bankruptcy, in July of 2017. Pre-Receivership, US Watercraft had, for many years, manufactured and sold the Alerion Yacht, True North Yacht, North Rip Boat, C&C 30, Redline 41 and certain J Boat racing class sailboats.  US Watercraft held licenses to sell C&C Sailboats and certain J Boat models, while also owning the molds, plugs and tooling for the C&C Sailboats and J Boat models. Since the mid-2000s, US Watercraft was a leader in manufacturing boats, utilizing its proprietary resin-infusion process to ascend above its competition.
This process, unique to Alerion and True North lines, results in a lighter and stronger hull. The infusion process is also cleaner for the environment.
The process is the evolution of the patented SCRIMP resin infusion process introduced by TPI and pioneered in US Watercraft’s plant.

The Receiver has set up a virtual due diligence room for interested parties.  The molds, plugs, forms, tooling, templates, engineering and processes for each and every model are identified, labeled and organized at the Warren, RI facility. Anyone and everyone who has the interest may visit and capitalize on this unique opportunity. At its untimely closing, US Watercraft had numerous pending orders for all boating lines. The Receiver is hopeful that new owners of these boating lines will continue the proud tradition of the product lines of US Watercraft and continue to service customers that have been utilized these boating lines for much of their lives. Interested parties should contact the Receiver at rlutrario@indeglialaw.com.

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